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Internationals storm back, take 5-point lead at Arnold Palmer Cup

Arnold Palmer Cup

After falling behind by four points after the first day of the Arnold Palmer Cup, the International team stormed back on Saturday at The Alotian Club in Roland, Ark.

The Internationals won eight of the 12 mixed foursomes matches – and each of the first seven – on Saturday morning before grabbing eight points in the afternoon foursomes session to take a 20.5-15.5 lead entering Sunday's singles session.

“When I got here on Monday, I barely knew anyone, and by Wednesday we were a family," said Wake Forest's Kengo Aoshima of Japan. "When a group comes together and fights, it is strong, and we did that today.”

Nine International players went 2-0 on Day 2: Chun An Yu, Takumi Kanaya, Ivan Ramirez, Alex Del Rey, Peng Pichaikool, Keita Nakajima, Jiwon Jeon, Sofia Garcia and Leonie Harm.

Stanford senior Brandon Wu and Vanderbilt senior Will Gordon each went 2-0 for the U.S.

Twenty-four points are still up for grabs on Sunday. The singles session begins at 9:30 a.m. ET.


McCarthy/Scott (Int.) def. Galdiano/Phillips, 6 and 5

Kinhult/Nyfjall (Int.) def. Augenstein/Migliaccio, 3 and 2

Kanaya/Naveed (Int.) def. Grimmer/Harford, 1 up

Garcia/Ramirez (Int.) def. Scott/Carlson, 1 up

Del Rey/Harm (Int.) def. Martin/Parmerter, 2 up

Go/Pichaikool (Int.) def. Cooper/Hammer, 2 and 1

Laisne/Yu (Int.) def. Kuest/Lau, 4 and 3

Gordon/Kim (U.S.) def. Belac/Gagne, 3 and 2

Jeon/Nakajima (Int.) def. Cummins/Papp, 3 and 1

Smalley/Benton (U.S.) def. Aoshima/Ruffels, 3 and 1

Schmid/Stormo (Int.) tied Eckroat/Nam

Wu/Chang (U.S.) def. Greville/McClymont, 7 and 5


Carlson/Migliaccio (U.S.) def. Kinhult/Laisne, 3 and 1

Greville/Aoshima (Int.) def. Augenstein/Kuest, 1 up

Jeon/Stormo (Int.) def. Papp/Parmerter, 2 up

Schmid/Pichaikool (Int.) def. Phillips/Smalley, 1 up

Harm/Ruffels (Int.) def. Chang/Galdiano, 2 and 1

Wu/Gordon (U.S.) def. Nyfjall/Scott, 4 and 2

Del Rey/Ramirez (Int.) def. Cummins/Eckroat, 3 and 2

Harford/Lau (U.S.) def. Go/McClymont, 2 and 1

Nakajima/Kanaya (Int.) def. Grimmer/Scott, 5 and 3

Kim/Benton (U.S.) tied McCarthy/Belac

Yu/Gagne (Int.) def. Hammer/Martin, 4 and 3

Garcia/Naveed (Int.) tied Cooper/Nam