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Woods Flap Over Augusta Will Escalate

Tiger Woods kept saying he was sure Augusta National would have a female member by the next Masters, although he had not spoken to chairman Hootie Johnson.
Now he has.
Woods said Johnson called him shortly after the chairman said in a series of interviews there was no chance a woman would join Augusta National by April.
'He told me what was going to come out, what he had said, and that was it,'' Woods said. 'He also talked about some of the changes to the fifth hole.''
Woods said he was not surprised by Johnson's resolve.
'It was just like Hootie,'' he said. 'All the things I've known about the guy, that's just the way his personality is.''
Woods said Johnson's decision means the controversy over Augusta National's all-male membership will only escalate.
'More people are going to be more inquisitive come the Florida swing and on,'' he said. 'There's going to be a lot of players asked about it.''