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McIlroy-Horizon trial set to begin Tuesday

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Rory McIlroy's ongoing lawsuit against his former management firm, Horizon Sports Management, will finally reach court Tuesday after attempts to settle the case via arbitration failed last fall, and Mclroy could be on the hook for a sizable sum if the proceedings don't go his way,

Related to his Masters prep and continued competitive play, the Daily Mail, which provides a tidy outline the pre-trial run-up, suggests McIlroy "may be called at the end of the first week or the start of the second — and could be in the witness stand for 10 days."

The currently world No. 1 is not scheduled to compete in any PGA Tour or European Tour events over the next two weeks.

Per the Mail's report, McIlroy could end up losing as much as £35 million (or $52.5 million) in what they're calling a "worst-case scenario." Of course, the potential still exists for the case to settled before it begins or for the court to ultimately rule in his favor. 

McIlroy first sued Horizon in 2013, alleging that his contract with the firm was unenforcable on the grounds that it was signed with undue influence and without the advice of legal counsel while McIlroy attended a Christmas party. At issue has also been the terms of the contract, which McIlroy claims were inferior to those negotiated by fellow Irishman Graeme McDowell, who previously held a stake in Horizon but has since left.

Horizon, in turn, countersued McIlroy for breaking the contract, signed through 2017, in an attempt to collect its percentage of fees on endorsement deals signed by McIlroy.

In the meantime, McIlroy hasn't let the case impact his play, merely referring to it as "tedious" and "nasty" after winning the Dubai Desert Classic on Sunday.