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Out-of-context photo of the week: Norman's mess

Getty Images

If you simply saw this photo of Greg Norman with no caption or explanation, you might be a bit perplexed.

That's exactly why it is the Grill Room's out-of-context photo of the week. Here are some captions we came up with that might help explain:

1. The Great White Shark

2. Milk ... it does a body good 

3. Sometimes you make birdies ... and sometimes birdies make on you

But what's Norman really doing in that photo? Let's start from the beginning. Norman first posted this photo (below) with the caption: "Hmmm...never done this before. Sculpture molding begins. Another pic to come."

Followed by this photo (below) with the caption: "Thank god I am not claustrophobic. Now waiting for it to dry."

Finally, here's the original photo (below), which now makes a little more sense. Its caption: "The for the clean up!!"