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Quayle wants Obama golfing, not 'screwing up' country

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There are three things you're never supposed to discuss: Religion, politics and the fact that your mentally weak playing partner is 1 under through seven.

Former U.S. vice president Dan Quayle joined "Morning Drive" on Thursday from the Waste Management Phoenix Open and was asked, as an avid golfer himself, to respond to criticisms that government officials, specifically President Barack Obama, should be less public about their golf games with so much unrest in the world.

"I tell the media, 'Just lighten up,'" Quayle said. "Just let him go play golf. He obviously enjoys it. I don't know how good he is. He and [Speaker of the House John Boehner] like to play some. They ought to play more, get to know each other a little better. They might be able to cut a deal out there. But I think it's great."

There you go! Dan Quayle, Republican, in lock step with Bill Clinton, Democrat, about playing golf in office! Bipartisanship! Candy and rainbows! This country is going to come together like never before and ...

"And, quite frankly, when he's playing golf, he's not screwing up the country. So that's a good thing," Quayle added.

So much for that. Eh, Republican, Democrat, potato, potatoe - right, Veep?