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  • 5/1/03 -- While the number of left-handed golfers remains low -- industry leaders estimate it anywhere from 4 percent to 7 percent in the United States -- equipment for lefties is becoming available more quickly.

  • 4/30/03 -- American players bristle when asked why foreign players dominate the LPGA Tour, but the question has merit.

  • 4/29/03 -- The dreamer in Annika Sorenstam says she can beat the men.

  • 4/22/03 -- The last time anybody blew a lead this big was the '69 Cubs. Instead of being demoralized, Martha Burk is juiced.

  • 4/17/03 -- Justin Leonard's attitude - and expectations - about the MCI Heritage certainly have changed in the last two years.

  • 4/15/03 -- Hootie Johnson defended more than just the all-male membership at Augusta National.

  • 4/15/03 -- Tiger Woods knows history, even if he doesn't always make it.

  • 4/7/03 - Due to inclement weather conditions and safety concerns, the gates for Monday's practice round did not open.

  • 4/8/02 -- Augusta National's lengthening is part of a necessary trend.

  • 4/7/03 --Peter Lonard was among the early arrivals Sunday at the Masters, and he was surprised by what he saw.