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Beyond the Fairway Podcast: Stephen Curry dishes on golf, Howard and reveals his Masters pick

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If you don’t know by now, Stephen Curry loves golf. Like absolutely loves golf.

It’s why he’s provided six years of funding to launch the golf programs at Howard University. The Bison men’s team just played its first tournament last month in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Through SC30, Inc., an extension of Curry’s brand that aims to “create new opportunities that dismantle industry norms” off the basketball court, Curry has pledged his time and money to help close the opportunity gap and diversify the representation in golf. Much like his Underrated Tour does in hoops, where he provides three-star athletes chances to increase their profiles, Curry has pivoted that mission to the golf course, starting with Howard.

“There’s so much talent at that early stage, especially in the black community and underrepresented communities,” Curry said on the Beyond the Fairway Podcast with Doug Smith and Will Lowery. “They get left behind because of access and support and equipment and coaching and even just the access to get to courses and just play and be around the right people, and so we’re trying to fill that gap and be that support.”

Currently, there are only around 25 HBCU golf programs in the country, at all NCAA levels. Curry hopes that in his involvement with Howard that he’s “created a north star” to show “where golf can take you,” and that others will replicate what he’s done with other schools. PGA Tour player Cameron Champ has recently funded scholarships at Prairie View A&M while Augusta National announced last fall that it was helping launch a women’s team at Paine College.

Speaking of Augusta National, Smith and Lowery couldn’t let Curry go without declaring his pick for this week’s Masters Tournament. Curry didn’t hesitate.

“I like what Jordan Spieth is doing right now,” said Curry, whose interview took place a few days before Spieth’s win Sunday in San Antonio. “When you get him with confidence at that course, and he can exercise all those demons of the past, I like him. I like him a lot. If Rory can get the grand slam, that would be a cool story, as well, but Jordan’s playing well enough I think he’s got a legit, serious chance to get it done.”

Curry touched on some other subjects, including revealing a funny story that all golf addicts can relate to.

“I broke a table in D.C. a couple years ago practice swinging in a hotel room,” he said. “They still haven’t sent the bill for that.”

To listen to the entire interview with Curry, click here.