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Bryson DeChambeau explains why he won't be part of Netflix/Tour docuseries

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Some of the biggest names on the PGA Tour have agreed to participate in the new Netflix docuseries that will follow them inside the ropes and behind the scenes.    

Bryson DeChambeau, however, was one of the few top players who declined an invitation. He explained why Thursday in a virtual news conference ahead of his appearance at the Saudi International. 

“There’s a lot of factors going on in that,” he told reporters. “One, there wasn’t a deal that was struck that was very well for my side of it. I love Netflix. I watch it. I have a great time with it. But just for me, it wasn’t right at the present moment.”

DeChambeau said he’s been busy with his own content creation company and YouTube channel, Regecy. He has also been more active on Instagram, updating his nearly 850,000 followers with new content.

Bryson explains Sony WD, adds new event

This week’s Sony Open withdrawal is leading Bryson DeChambeau to add another tournament to his schedule.

“They’re getting a pretty dang good look inside my life,” he said of his other platforms. “And to have more people come in and go even further, which is almost impossible for what I’m giving out, is just too invasive for me. I didn’t really want any more than that, because I do have a life outside of it.”

As for those players who are slated to appear (a full list can be found here), DeChambeau said, “There’s a lot of great people on there. If I was to go on there, yeah, it would be cool to see, but I feel like there’s a lot more interesting stories. You’ve got Harry Higgs. You’ve got numerous others. I don’t want to take the light away from them for their potential to grow themselves in a manner that’s unique to them. They have the opportunity to grow a lot more than I do in that regard.”