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Paul Casey reveals his father is in ICU after bypass surgery this week in London

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ST. ANDREWS, Scotland – Paul Casey had plenty on his mind Sunday at The Open and it had nothing to do with LIV Golf or the Old Course’s diabolical 17th hole or even the championship.

After answering a few questions following his closing 70, mostly about LIV Golf and his path forward after joining the breakaway circuit, he took an emotional pause.

“I've had a lot going on. My dad's actually in ICU right now,” he said as he fought back tears.

Casey explained that his father, Terry, had bypass surgery this week in London and was recovering. The Englishman planned to visit his father on Monday.

It was a particularly emotional week for the Englishman, who recently announced his plans to play the LIV circuit, considering that he and the other players who joined the Saudi-backed league have been indefinitely banned by the PGA Tour and will likely find it difficult to qualify for future majors as their world ranking points expire.

“I was fully aware of the possibility of not playing majors,” Casey said. “I don't know what guys are going to do. I think there's the option of playing some Asian Tour events. We're going to see what happens with the DP World Tour. But I was under no illusions that my ranking could slide and be out within however long, whatever the timeframe is.”

Casey is scheduled to play his first LIV event later this month in New Jersey.