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Sponsored: Callaway Golf presents 'Slicers Anonymous' starring Kevin Nealon

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The slice.

No golfer wants to admit they have one.

In fact, being a regular slicer means a life of denial.

It's always there - lurking at every tee box and around each fairway.

They tell themselves it isn’t real - it’s their hips, their hands, their shoes. They blame it on the guy they took advice from at the range. They tell people they play a cut. A big cut. 

Eventually, they even start to see holes differently and set up to the left.

It isn’t until they come to grips with the truth that they're ready to seek help.

In the case of Slicers Anonymous, help has sought them. Join us on a very special journey to the sunlight of the green and remember: “Your slice is not your swing.”