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Tuesday prime-time match-ups set for World Long Drive Championship

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The ultimate stage is set for the longest hitters in the world, as Monday identified the 16 men and eight women who will be on display during Tuesday night’s live prime-time telecast of the 44th World Long Drive Championship.

The Open division Round of 16 will feature nine hitters ranked in the top 20 in the world, including No. 1 Kyle Berkshire and No. 2 Tim Burke. The Round of 16 matches are as follows (listed by world ranking):

(1) Kyle Berkshire vs. (82) Tommy Hug
(15) Wes Patterson vs. (17) Mark Costello
(6) Justin Moose vs. (28) Josh Koch
(4) Justin James vs. (31) Jordan Brooks
(3) Will Hogue vs. (39) Emil Rosberg
(9) Jeff Gavin vs. (27) Rob Tiettmeyer
(15) Josh Cassaday vs. (24) Mitch Grassing
(2) Tim Burke vs. (64) Ryan Gregnol

In the Women’s Division, world No. 1 (and reigning world champion) Phillis Meti led the way, winning each of her sets en route to advancing to the quarterfinals, including a 344-yard drive which was the longest of the day among the women.

“I had a couple of body issues where I’ve been quite tight in places which has kind of hindered my swing,” Meti said after advancing to the quarterfinals on Monday afternoon. “So, I’m just being really mindful of that.”

The Women’s Division quarterfinal matches include:

(1) Phillis Meti vs. (10) Alex Phillips
(5) Troy Mullins vs. (6) Heather Lynne Manfredda
(4) Alexis Belton vs. (8) Mary Driscol
(3) Chloe Garner vs. (9) Katie Wills

Tuesday night’s live telecast gets underway at 8:30 p.m. ET on Golf Channel.

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