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Watch: Golf-themed gender reveal goes horribly wrong

Getty Images

Social media is inundated daily with gender reveals, including golf-themed ones.

You know, 18-handicap dad-to-be swings his 15-year-old, steel-shafted driver, hitting an exploding golf ball to reveal a pink or blue cloud of smoke as onlookers celebrate the happy occasion. Pretty routine stuff. It's not often we get anything out of the ordinary.

But the latest reveal making the rounds on Instagram is sure to provoke a few chuckles.

Here's a synopsis: Future dad, who forgot to cut his grass before the party, flops a solidly struck drive (maybe a wee bit high on the face), crushing the ball and producing a cloud of blue. It's a boy! Congrats!

Unfortunately, one partygoer decides to stand about 15 yards away, basically right in the line of fire for what surely was a start-right-and-fading tee ball and takes some shrapnel right where it counts.

The real MVP of this moment is the smart person standing behind the action and showing off their slow-mo skills.

No word on when the gender reveal for the ailing cameraman will be. We're guessing not any time soon.