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Watch: How two PGA Tour players made a friend through Call of Duty

Getty Images

Harold Varner III and Carlos Ortiz don't just love playing golf. They also enjoy playing video games, particularly Call of Duty.

And it was through playing COD online that Varner and Ortiz met Arturo, a young man from Mexico.

The three have spent countless hours playing the game and talking together, developing a close friendship in the process – one that has gone beyond video-game teammates. Varner and Ortiz comforted Arturo after his father died in April, and Ortiz has helped line up a job for Arturo after he graduates college.

This week, with the PGA Tour in Mexico for the Mayakoba Classic, Varner invited Arturo to meet he and Ortiz in person. Varner flew Arturo in and is hosting him this week. Unsurprisingly, they have played some COD while Varner isn't on the golf course.

The PGA Tour captured the friends' first meetup earlier this week.