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Watch: Daly celebrates 'Taco Tuesday' by smashing drive off taco

Instagram/John Daly

"Taco Tuesday" was a thing long before Lebron James unsuccessfully tried to trademark the phrase last month, and it will continue to be a thing as long as tacos and Tuesdays continue to exist.

But there's no denying the Los Angeles Lakers superstar has brought some extra attention to the unofficial day of the week this NBA offseason, celebrating it with everyone from his family members to new teammate Anthony Davis.

That group now includes John Daly, who got in on the action Tuesday by smashing a drive off of a taco.

Daly, who was shoeless and wearing taco shorts (naturally), put an exclamation point on the Instagram video by shouting out the catchphrase and calling out James directly.

Whatever you think of the video, just know that as long as Daly isn't using David Feherty's mouth as a tee, this is a win for all of humanity.