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Watch: Detry breaks Guinness World Record for fastest par-5 played

Thomas Detry

Being in top, physical shape isn't exactly a necessity in succeeding on the golf course. But as Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and others have shown recently, it does help.

Especially when you're trying to sprint to the finish while going for a Guinness World Record.

Sean Crocker, Thomas Detry, Paul Dunne and Guido Migliozzi took on the par-5 10th at Real Club de Golf Guadalmina, just south of Spain, to attempt to break the record for the fastest hole of golf by an individual. 

The previous record was 1:33, which was set by Ruben Holgado Guerrero on the same hole in April 2018.

The rules of the attempt state the hole must play at least 500 yards, and each player is required to finish the hole carrying the same number of clubs they began with, according to the European Tour.

Some tour players could learn a thing or two from these players and pick up some tips on a thing called 'pace of play.' Imagine watching a round of golf in under 30 minutes.

Okay, that's a bit unrealistic, but that's probably what some felt about a 500-yard hole being played in under a minute and a half, yet here we are.